My realistic story extends for 15 years. These years have been filled with unjustified agony caused by the neurologist. It is one of the major attempts in the world to end chaos and achieve peace for everyone. This way, all people can know good from evil since their birth and until now. This message is to be sent to cinema production professionals worldwide in order to buy it. I plan to sell my story a cinema production company, which will acquire distribution rights worldwide. I will make this deal with Amazon only. I promise to give the company all needed information and testimonies about my story. The story includes. What happened in the Arab world between 2010 and 2017?The reasons for climate change after 2010, and the truth about existence of satellites. The truth about all diseases, psychological issues, sugar, cancer and more; and how you can protect and heal yourself from these. The effects of non-peaceful nuclear missiles and strikes on climate. Many secrets about my story. I can protect or heal your heart from diseases and problems. I can help you through WhatsApp chat in Arabic or English language. My number is +201556678955

I will help you by answering one of your questions, which relatesto one problem or one disease only. If you send multiple messages, then I will answer the last message only. You must remember that you are your first doctor, that you are the only one who can offer you help, and that I am only an aid for you. My task in 2021 is to program the minds of all peoples with good ideas and views, in order to live in peace without problems and diseases.

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Full Truth Of The World: My realistic 15-year long story, with an unjust neurologist, for achieving good for the peaceful, and that we all may know good from evil since birth and until now


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